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The Sticks (2023)


For my Bachelor project in Graphic Storytelling at The Animation Workshop, I made a 64 page comic about a boy named Ben who during a summer break realizes that filling the lonely void inside him with a bad friendship, might not be the best idea.


Read The Sticks here 


KARL (2023)


A book about Helena who slowly builds

her confidence and independence

after befriending a ghost.

Get Your Copy Here

Published by COBOLT, 2023

✦ Nominated - Københavns Børne Biblioteker (2023) Årets Bedste Tegneserier / Billederoman

Karl nomineret.png

Bay & The Magical Ruan (2021)


A short comic about an adventurous girl following the seductive sound of music.


Trouble In Paradise (2019)


A story about a deer who finds himself questioning his exsistence after tasting the apple from the Tree of Knowledge

Published in Fiesta Magazine nr. 8/9 - En Popsang Fra De Varme Lande, 2019

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