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The Sticks (2023)

What started out as a Bachelor project slowly grew to a massive idea of making The Sticks comic into a 2D animated series.


In a small offbeat and nostalgic Danish town we follow three adventurous kids; Ben, Cat and Mo as they set on their individual journeys through kid-hood, and learn to understand themselves and each other along the way.

Format  2D Animated TV series, 

Duration  9 episodes x 12 minutes

Audience  8 - 10 years

Themes  Coming of Age, Friendship, Family

Currently I am making a teaser, as well as continuous writing on the script for the first season.


MANO (2023)


We follow fifteen year old Abbas and his younger brother Isaac who live in a housing complex on the outskirts of the city. The brothers peaceful morning is interrupted by a confrontation with their mother and the man she brought home.

Watch Mano here.

I did story consulting, character design and concepts.

Winner - Annecy Festival (2023) Lotte Reiniger Award

Winner - Viborg Animations Festival (2023) Danish Animation Talent Award

Nominated - Odense Film Festival (2023)

Nominated - Anibar International Animation Festival (2023)

Nominated - Scandinavian Film Days Bonn (2023)

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